Real Money Slots and Games for New Zealand Players

Real money gaming in New Zealand, what are the opportunities, what are the risks, is it right, is it wrong? We are going to cover all ground over this subject for fans of casino out in New Zealand. This is a brief overview of all aspects involved in real money gaming.  You’ll hopefully learn about areas of the casino and gaming that you may have not known before. As a result, and why this guide is made, is to give you a clearer picture as to how to gamble more smartly and safely. Using your finances the right way will help you to really benefit from playing real money casino slots and games online.

Playing Games for Real Money

Online casinos in NZ are huge business, the market has boom and there are no more commonly used than the land-based sites that are scattered across the country. Playing games for real money is daunting for new players. There is nerve and a sense of doom that looms over and “am I making the right choice with this” thoughts.

This is natural, yes gambling with your money is risky, yes you should only do it if you can afford those risks and yes, there is the potential to win also.

Playing for real money online the smart way requires you to approach this in a way they your average gamer wouldn’t even think to consider. It’s entirely about seeing the bigger picture, knowing which games to play, which to ignore and what distractions a casino puts up online that won’t benefit your time playing. 

First, your first step is to learn about the casino you’ll be joining.

Online Casinos

Knowing a thing or two about how casinos online are, is no bad thing. If you were able to distinguish and tell a licensed casino and a rotten one, then you’re already in a position that secures you as a player and will comply with gaming rules so you’re paid and lots of other things, because this is what you get from a licensed casino and a rotten one will just take, take, take.

The licensing of a site is only the tip of the gaming iceberg. The license itself must be in-date. The regulators must be approved by the NZ Gaming Board of Authority, so the casino isn’t blocked.

The casino must also comply in other areas of safety and fair gameplay.

Games provided by independent gaming developers must be tested by independent technicians to verify they are fair before those games are stacked inside the walls of a virtual casino establishment.

If you do not pay attention to these things, no matter how trivial they seem or appear, from this starting point of looking for a new casino, you could put yourself at risk of joining a rotten site. Knowledge is always beneficial to a player.

How Games are Made

Do you know how online casino slots are made? Very few players do. Surprisingly, they are made the same way the old cabinets are made. So, the machine down the local casino or in the local bar is programmed the same way thousands of online slots are.

The industry calls it Return to Player, a percentage score that for some players, think shows your chances of winning. This is not the case. If an online slot displays an RTP score of 98.76% this is not your likelihood of winning, this is the amount of real money this online slot machines must accrue before it can payout.

So just like the slot machines down the boozer, you see some guy put in $100 and nothing not one win, someone comes along and after one spin, the machine is spilling its guts. This might be because the RTP% required $200 to be put into it and at a level of 98.76% of that, that’s when it will payout.

The importance of know this is the awareness you must have of games and how some are more beneficial to play than others.

Case and point, the more popular a game is, the more frequently it is going to payout. Clearly a law of averages, but also indicative of how these machines are made.

Are the real money games rigged?

The short answer is no. It would be impossible for an online slot to be rigged and be made available to players on a licensed platform that is constantly checked by the regulators.

Games are not built by the casino, they are supplied by developers and would have no beneficial reasoning to rig their games because everything is controlled by the casino.

Games are not only tested and verified prior to being installed into an online casino, but the games are regularly gone over time and time again, to check for faults, bugs and glitches.

What Kind of Money is there to Win?

Well, the money you can win will be real New Zealand dollars. The sizes of the payouts you win is a whole different eye-opening matter. If you are unaware of just how big jackpot prizes are, then you need to prepare yourself because it gets big, life-changing big!

From breaking even to winning multi-millions, a casino can to all sorts of things to a player’s bank account. The highest payout for a slot machine was over $14 million on the Mega Moolah slot by Microgaming. That’s the kind of real money you are able to win.

As an alternative, you can find some online NZ casinos that accept bitcoins, so your returns could be done via this currency if you are able to bank this way.

Pros and Cons of Playing Real Money Casino Games

The pros of gambling are obviously the payment that comes as a result of winning. With real casinos you also can clam better bonuses to support your game time with free spins and cash credit. The level of real money gaming changes and there are no free or demo live casino games. You don’t get free sports betting, but in the case and argument for slots, there are no bigger prized games than the slots themselves.

The cons are obviously the loss of money. Playing comes with these risks but implement the right measures, you can cut your risks further by claiming bonuses and avoiding the nonprofitable games of a casino.

Biggest Real Money Slots in New Zealand

What are the biggest paying slot machines right now in New Zealand?

Your answers and recommendations to play are:

  • Street Fighter by NetEnt
  • Mega Moolah by Microgaming
  • The Goonies by Blueprint Gaming
  • Phoenix Fire Power Reels by Red Tige Gaming
  • Forbidden Kingdom: Fire and Ice by Playtech

Slot Gaming Review: Best Progressive Jackpot Slots Online

If your desire is to win the biggest prize there is available, then you need to focus on the slot machines known as the Progressive Jackpot. There is no bigger game in the menu of games than this slot machine variant.

We are going to drop the top 5 list of best progressive slot machines there are. You will have direct access to these games from our list of recommended operators and should you hit the jackpot; you will be paid in real US dollars.

Don’t Stop Till They Drop

1: Mega Moolah by Microgaming.

There is no question or real debate over this one. It holds the Guinness World Record for largest online payout. It is the most famous progressive jackpot slot machines online and played by million all over the world.

The Mega Moolah game is a multi-jackpot slot that can reach prize values of over 1 million for its main jackpot.

  • Software Developer: Microgaming
  • Reels: 5
  • Coins Range: 0.25 to 6.00
  • Paylines: 25
  • Alternative Games: Mega Moolah Isis, Summertime, and 5-reel drive.

Mega Moolah remain unique as it is very-much dated in its design. This adds a wonderful nostalgia to the game, especially with the sound throughout of churning reels. Play the highest wagering setting and as default, you will increase your chances of hitting a jackpot round.

The world record payout was over $10 million, and in 2018, this game paid out 7 consecutive jackpots across 7 months.

2: Major Millions by Microgaming.

This is one of the oldest progressive jackpot games in the industry and it has aged well. This is perhaps one of the most-popular in the US and offers many favorable opportunities to players looking to be rewarded by the Major himself.

  • Software Developer: Microgaming
  • Reels: 5
  • Coins Range: $0.20 to $3.00
  • Paylines: 15
  • Alternative Games: Major Millions 3-Reels

To be in with the chance of winning the jackpot prize, then you need to align all 5 wild symbols on the 15th payline. The popularity of this game has seen the main jackpot prize won more than 65 times since it was put onto the market in 2004.

3: Jackpot Giant by Playtech.

This development by the software company Playtech was one of their first into the foray of progressive slot machines. Holding a single jackpot prize, this game also gave players the chance of reaching the jackpot round more favorably if playing with the maximum wager amount.

  • Software Developer: Playtech
  • Reels: 5
  • Coins Range: $0.50 to $6.00
  • Paylines: 50
  • Alternative Games: None

This progressive slot games holds a number of bonus rounds that are played out by the Jackpot Giant himself. Though simplistic in it’s look it is one of the trickier jackpot games to enter into, however, the number of times a 5 of a kind reward is won, makes this worth playing alone.

4: Mega Fortune by NetEnt.

Perhaps the biggest rival of Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune is a game that draws a lot of attention because it is one of the few games on the market that has the potential to produce jackpot sums that go well-beyond the one million dollar mark.

  • Software Developer: NetEnt
  • Reels: 5
  • Coins Range: $0.20 to $80.00
  • Paylines: 20
  • Alternative Games: Mega Fortune Dreams

Hug sums can be won just by playing the base-game alone. Should you hit the jackpot round, there will be a choice of three jackpots to win. In 2017 this machine paid out a total of 12 jackpots and the highest prize of this being over $4 million.

5: Age of the Gods by Playtech.

The Age of the Gods is a progressive jackpot series, with over 20 different individual slot titles all linked to one massive quadruple jackpot prize system.

The jackpot series is the biggest production on the internet. with over 20 games, no two are the same, taking players into new mythical realms as the series plays on the stories of Greek mythology.

  • Software Developer: Playtech
  • Reels: 5
  • Coins Range: $0.20 to $200.00
  • Paylines: Multiple
  • Alternative Games: Gods of Storm, King of Olympus, Fate Sisters, Epic Troy, King of the Underworld, Apollo Power and many more.

The first and original game comes with an RTP score that varies through the game between 94% and 95%. Aside from the jackpot rounds, it offers up four bonus rounds where players can land free spin bonuses. A standard big win from the base-game comes in at up to 10,000 time the original wager.


For players in Canada, you have one of the best markets in the whole world for accessing real money sites and they are most definitely amongst the very best made.

This guide is just for the Canadian player looking to seek out the top casinos that can help turn the loose change they have into life-changing sums of money. Everything you need to know about real money casinos, slots and table games. Learn about the opportunities that now face you when joining the best casinos online.


Playing casino games online is, for many, a great source of income. The option does come with risks, but by increasing your knowledge and understanding in key areas, those risks will diminish. For a first-time player, gambling can be very daunting. Is it safe? Will you win? Is what you are doing right? These questions and so much more come into the player’s mind, so let us give you a few facts regarding online casinos and their services.

Online casinos

The first rule about picking a casino is to go for one that you can trust. There are many casinos on the Canadian market that are 100% licensed and within the gambling laws that Canada has on its players. The gambling laws are simple, if the casino is registered in Canada, that is illegal and not allowed. If the casino is registered outside of Canadian borders, then it complies with the gambling laws.

Through legalized sites, you will have access to tested games. These will give you the confidence that they are fair and safe, meeting regulatory standards so you have a real chance of winning real money you can keep.

How the games are made?

Games are not made by casinos. All titles are developed by licensed software companies that are then hired by the casinos to effectively stock their shelves. The games are specifically developed with algorithm tools, most notably the Return to Player program. The RTP program dictates when a player will win based on the money that has been put into the machine. The average RTP comes in at about 97%.

Are the games rigged?

No, to be clear about this, no licensed casino would even be on the market if it was rigging the games. Remember, all games are tested by independent analysts and labs. The games are programmed by licensed developers and checks are run prior to being taken up by a casino operator.

What kind of money can be won?

If you are playing with Canadian dollars, then you can expect to win back real Canadian dollars after.

The scale of winnings can be life-altering, with some online jackpots going into the millions. The progressive jackpot slots are where you will find the big prizes. With standard slot machines, jackpots roughly range from 10,000 to 250, 000.

Other big games to keep an eye on are lotto games bingo and scratch cards.


If you want to win Canadian dollars, then real money games are going to offer you that outcome. But there is more to just the result of playing when joining a real casino online.  

Only inside an online casino can you have the pleasure of claiming and using real money bonuses. You can get help playing real money games by using additional rewards like cash and free spins. Look out for welcome bonus offers that could boost your first deposit by three times as much and give you hundreds of free spins.

Inside of casinos, you can also play live dealer games. The benefit of this is that the payout odds are better than the virtual machines. The live gaming mode is far better in terms of experience as it is a fully immersive gaming feature that allows you to play against live dealers and hosts.


The downside to playing with real money online is the obvious outcome that finances can be lost. No player is guaranteed 100% success, so you need to bet smart.

You can lower the risk by playing with bonuses, practicing on demo games first. Researching strategies and much more.

By developing your self-management skills, you will also cut your spending and boost your winning potential to help make a profit.


Which are the best online casino slots in Canada paying out right now? The list below provides high-entertainment, mixed gaming features and a highly favorable payout rate

  • Rainbow Jackpots by Red Tiger
  • Mega Fortune by NetEnt
  • Jungle Jim by Microgaming
  • The Naked Gun by Blueprint Gaming
  • Mega Moolah by Microgaming
  • Starburst by NetEnt
  • Age of Gods by Playtech


Listen up people of Canada, you too can play the best collection of slots online that are 100% free! Your opportunities are the same as any other player around the world. You get to access the same free slots and anyone else. In this section of our site, we will go over the same issues and ground as we did for the American players but this time informing you about everything in the Canadian market.


There are two ways that players in Canada can access free online slots, the first of your options is to play free demo slot games. Players in Canada will find there is a huge range of these options that are officially made by licensed developers that supply the many casinos that Canadians are also able to join.

As a piece of advice, we would not recommend playing free mobile apps. Those games are of no benefit, they are packed with malware and spyware. You have to pay to remove the adverts and your mobile storage gets a big hit.

We only recommend that you play using licensed demo games made by licensed developers. This way you get a real taste of how good the real money games are when you come to join casinos online down the line.

The other alternative free gaming option is that of casino bonuses. The no deposit bonus is an allowance that is 100% free to claim and use. This bonus is rewarded to players as either a free spins reward or a free cash gift to use.

Those are the two options open to Canucks online, so how will you approach the field of free play online?


There are so many software developers online and open to the Canadian market. You have a spoil of riches, almost literally if these games were not demos.

One of the important factors of using free slot games online is being able to build and knowledge and understanding of the developers involved. Just like anything in life you have some that are good and some that are bad, that’s the way it rolls.

So, of the best of the best, here are some of the top dogs to look out for and try to read the games whilst you play to see how they each make their games differently.

  • NetEnt
  • Red Tiger
  • BetSoft
  • Quickspin
  • Microgaming
  • Blueprint Gaming
  • Play’n GO
  • Playtech
  • Yggdrasil

These are just a handful of the award-winning gaming developers you can experience online. They make the best slots and service the best casinos in Canada. Now, they are providing you with the free entertainment.


Ask any professional slot player and they will tell you that their success comes from firstly playing demo slot games first before playing for real money. Why play free games? because they make you 100 time better. Before you play for real money in casinos, they even give you the option to play the demo first. Already you’re going to be saving money for the games you enjoy and are profitable, rather than blindly putting your money into games you may not even enjoy after your first 10 spins.

Free demo games are perfect, perfect in giving you a real experience of how money slots work and to experiment with the games, so you learn a bit more.

Here are five key factors that will benefit Canadian players should they take up playing free slots:

1: Players can learn which games are more profitable than others.

2: Players are able to learn which developers to play and who to avoid.

3: Players can learn and practice with no risks.

4: Make your own strategies and incorporate others into your game.

5: 100% no downloads needed, just click and play.


Which is the best online slot to play in Canada? Well, there is no easy answer for this because players are all different.

To help get somewhere close, you can provide you 5 options regarding what the best 5 offer you in terms of gaming because for some players the best slots are those with jackpots, whilst others like gaming features.

So, here are five different games that are top of their variety.

Biggest Jackpot: The biggest free jackpot game on the Canadian market is either Divine Fortune or Mega Fortune, both made by NetEnt. These multi-million dollar games are the king of the cash out.  

Multiple Bonus Features: We recommend you check our games made by blueprint gaming because they have loads of bonus features. Our top pick on the Canadian market would be Robocop. 6 bonus rounds and plenty of entertainment – “I’d buy that for a dollar!”

Tumbling Reels: Rather than play with conventional reels that rotate to reveal the winning lines, tumbler reels are blocks of symbols that fall into place to make the game grip. If a winning line is formed, the blocks will vanish and be replaced by a new selection of blocks. One hot game on the Canadian circuit for this is Buffalo Rising Megaways by Big Time Gaming.

Official Movie Slot: We all love a movie slot but the biggest one being played right now in Canadian casinos online is the official video slot game Ace Ventura Pet Detective by Playtech.

Classic Video Slot: There is no bigger classic than the game of Starburst and we said this of the US market. This is a game that landed in Canada back as early as 2014 and has since remained high on the list of players as one of the best.


The formula is simple, you play real money slots and you win real money from them. So, what are the benefits and the negatives when taking part in real online gaming?

In this section of our site, we discuss everything associated with playing real money slot games online. We will be discussing the online casinos of America, how online slots are made, what real money can actually be won and the best games to play to scoop those life-changing riches.


This is not rocket science, people that want to win money will find a way. That most obvious of ways is to play inside of online casinos. So, what’s it like to play inside an online casino? Is the service of an operator fair? Are the slot games rigged for you to lose? How much can you actually really win?

Well, let us look firstly at the casino…

Online casinos

If you want to play online and try to win real money, then you need an operator you can trust. Licensed casinos are the only type of platform you should be looking to join. Through these sites, you will have tested games, supportive banking and a greater selection of games to pick from.

How the games are made?

Well, all slot games are made using an algorithm program called the RTP (return to player). This score is the percentage of money you’ll need to spend in order to see a return. It is not the likelihood of winning. The average RTP score is approximately 96-97% across the thousands of online slots there are on the Internet.

Are the games rigged?

None of the games inside licensed casinos are rigged. Before they are placed online, regulators and independent gaming labs test the games for fairness, providing certified documentation that the games meet compliance standards. So, no, none of the games online are there to pull the wool over your eyes.

What kind of money can be won?

There are some enormous online slots out there, games packed with multiple jackpot riches climbing high into the millions. The largest jackpot ever paid out from an online slot is over $13 million!!!

These kinds of prizes are held by progressive jackpot slots. They are linked to a network of other casinos sharing the same game. So, players in the US will be competing for the same prize against players in South Africa. This is how the prize amount is able to be so life changing.

Standard online slot machines carry jackpots in the region of 10,000 to 250,000, so there is diversity in how your life can change after a win.


Let’s bypass the glaringly obvious that money is the main benefit. What else do you get as a player that is entertaining themselves within the realm of a real money casino?

Bonuses come high on the list of benefits because they are able to allow you to play real money games for free.  There are many bonuses online from every casino out there. You will discover welcome bonuses firstly. Huge offers that grant you hundreds of free spins and cash credit allowances.

Another benefit is the ability to access live dealer games which are not available in any form of free gaming, especially in any demo mode. By accessing a real casino online to play for real money, you get this limited privilege to play against live dealers across the classic games of roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat.


Playing for money will inevitably lead to some losses. No player will go through a 100% winning streak and the same for players going through bad patches, its not all 100% losses.

The fact is you will be putting money at risk and you need to be bet savvy to recognize which are the better games to play, which are more profitable and to stop playing when the fun dies.


Here is a selection of online slots we recommend you try playing to help you win real money.

They come with high RTP scores to better your chances and they are entertainingly jaw-dropping so your time playing is of the highest standards.

  • Street Fighter2 by NetEnt
  • Phoenix Fire by Red Tiger
  • Jurassic Park by Microgaming
  • The Goonies by Blueprint Gaming
  • Forbidden Kingdom by Playtech
  • Mega Moolah by Microgaming
  • Mega Fortune by NetEnt
  • Age of Gods by Playtech