The formula is simple, you play real money slots and you win real money from them. So, what are the benefits and the negatives when taking part in real online gaming?

In this section of our site, we discuss everything associated with playing real money slot games online. We will be discussing the online casinos of America, how online slots are made, what real money can actually be won and the best games to play to scoop those life-changing riches.


This is not rocket science, people that want to win money will find a way. That most obvious of ways is to play inside of online casinos. So, what’s it like to play inside an online casino? Is the service of an operator fair? Are the slot games rigged for you to lose? How much can you actually really win?

Well, let us look firstly at the casino…

Online casinos

If you want to play online and try to win real money, then you need an operator you can trust. Licensed casinos are the only type of platform you should be looking to join. Through these sites, you will have tested games, supportive banking and a greater selection of games to pick from.

How the games are made?

Well, all slot games are made using an algorithm program called the RTP (return to player). This score is the percentage of money you’ll need to spend in order to see a return. It is not the likelihood of winning. The average RTP score is approximately 96-97% across the thousands of online slots there are on the Internet.

Are the games rigged?

None of the games inside licensed casinos are rigged. Before they are placed online, regulators and independent gaming labs test the games for fairness, providing certified documentation that the games meet compliance standards. So, no, none of the games online are there to pull the wool over your eyes.

What kind of money can be won?

There are some enormous online slots out there, games packed with multiple jackpot riches climbing high into the millions. The largest jackpot ever paid out from an online slot is over $13 million!!!

These kinds of prizes are held by progressive jackpot slots. They are linked to a network of other casinos sharing the same game. So, players in the US will be competing for the same prize against players in South Africa. This is how the prize amount is able to be so life changing.

Standard online slot machines carry jackpots in the region of 10,000 to 250,000, so there is diversity in how your life can change after a win.


Let’s bypass the glaringly obvious that money is the main benefit. What else do you get as a player that is entertaining themselves within the realm of a real money casino?

Bonuses come high on the list of benefits because they are able to allow you to play real money games for free.  There are many bonuses online from every casino out there. You will discover welcome bonuses firstly. Huge offers that grant you hundreds of free spins and cash credit allowances.

Another benefit is the ability to access live dealer games which are not available in any form of free gaming, especially in any demo mode. By accessing a real casino online to play for real money, you get this limited privilege to play against live dealers across the classic games of roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat.


Playing for money will inevitably lead to some losses. No player will go through a 100% winning streak and the same for players going through bad patches, its not all 100% losses.

The fact is you will be putting money at risk and you need to be bet savvy to recognize which are the better games to play, which are more profitable and to stop playing when the fun dies.


Here is a selection of online slots we recommend you try playing to help you win real money.

They come with high RTP scores to better your chances and they are entertainingly jaw-dropping so your time playing is of the highest standards.

  • Street Fighter2 by NetEnt
  • Phoenix Fire by Red Tiger
  • Jurassic Park by Microgaming
  • The Goonies by Blueprint Gaming
  • Forbidden Kingdom by Playtech
  • Mega Moolah by Microgaming
  • Mega Fortune by NetEnt
  • Age of Gods by Playtech