Real Money Slots and Games for New Zealand Players

Real money gaming in New Zealand, what are the opportunities, what are the risks, is it right, is it wrong? We are going to cover all ground over this subject for fans of casino out in New Zealand. This is a brief overview of all aspects involved in real money gaming.  You’ll hopefully learn about areas of the casino and gaming that you may have not known before. As a result, and why this guide is made, is to give you a clearer picture as to how to gamble more smartly and safely. Using your finances the right way will help you to really benefit from playing real money casino slots and games online.

Playing Games for Real Money

Online casinos in NZ are huge business, the market has boom and there are no more commonly used than the land-based sites that are scattered across the country. Playing games for real money is daunting for new players. There is nerve and a sense of doom that looms over and “am I making the right choice with this” thoughts.

This is natural, yes gambling with your money is risky, yes you should only do it if you can afford those risks and yes, there is the potential to win also.

Playing for real money online the smart way requires you to approach this in a way they your average gamer wouldn’t even think to consider. It’s entirely about seeing the bigger picture, knowing which games to play, which to ignore and what distractions a casino puts up online that won’t benefit your time playing. 

First, your first step is to learn about the casino you’ll be joining.

Online Casinos

Knowing a thing or two about how casinos online are, is no bad thing. If you were able to distinguish and tell a licensed casino and a rotten one, then you’re already in a position that secures you as a player and will comply with gaming rules so you’re paid and lots of other things, because this is what you get from a licensed casino and a rotten one will just take, take, take.

The licensing of a site is only the tip of the gaming iceberg. The license itself must be in-date. The regulators must be approved by the NZ Gaming Board of Authority, so the casino isn’t blocked.

The casino must also comply in other areas of safety and fair gameplay.

Games provided by independent gaming developers must be tested by independent technicians to verify they are fair before those games are stacked inside the walls of a virtual casino establishment.

If you do not pay attention to these things, no matter how trivial they seem or appear, from this starting point of looking for a new casino, you could put yourself at risk of joining a rotten site. Knowledge is always beneficial to a player.

How Games are Made

Do you know how online casino slots are made? Very few players do. Surprisingly, they are made the same way the old cabinets are made. So, the machine down the local casino or in the local bar is programmed the same way thousands of online slots are.

The industry calls it Return to Player, a percentage score that for some players, think shows your chances of winning. This is not the case. If an online slot displays an RTP score of 98.76% this is not your likelihood of winning, this is the amount of real money this online slot machines must accrue before it can payout.

So just like the slot machines down the boozer, you see some guy put in $100 and nothing not one win, someone comes along and after one spin, the machine is spilling its guts. This might be because the RTP% required $200 to be put into it and at a level of 98.76% of that, that’s when it will payout.

The importance of know this is the awareness you must have of games and how some are more beneficial to play than others.

Case and point, the more popular a game is, the more frequently it is going to payout. Clearly a law of averages, but also indicative of how these machines are made.

Are the real money games rigged?

The short answer is no. It would be impossible for an online slot to be rigged and be made available to players on a licensed platform that is constantly checked by the regulators.

Games are not built by the casino, they are supplied by developers and would have no beneficial reasoning to rig their games because everything is controlled by the casino.

Games are not only tested and verified prior to being installed into an online casino, but the games are regularly gone over time and time again, to check for faults, bugs and glitches.

What Kind of Money is there to Win?

Well, the money you can win will be real New Zealand dollars. The sizes of the payouts you win is a whole different eye-opening matter. If you are unaware of just how big jackpot prizes are, then you need to prepare yourself because it gets big, life-changing big!

From breaking even to winning multi-millions, a casino can to all sorts of things to a player’s bank account. The highest payout for a slot machine was over $14 million on the Mega Moolah slot by Microgaming. That’s the kind of real money you are able to win.

As an alternative, you can find some online NZ casinos that accept bitcoins, so your returns could be done via this currency if you are able to bank this way.

Pros and Cons of Playing Real Money Casino Games

The pros of gambling are obviously the payment that comes as a result of winning. With real casinos you also can clam better bonuses to support your game time with free spins and cash credit. The level of real money gaming changes and there are no free or demo live casino games. You don’t get free sports betting, but in the case and argument for slots, there are no bigger prized games than the slots themselves.

The cons are obviously the loss of money. Playing comes with these risks but implement the right measures, you can cut your risks further by claiming bonuses and avoiding the nonprofitable games of a casino.

Biggest Real Money Slots in New Zealand

What are the biggest paying slot machines right now in New Zealand?

Your answers and recommendations to play are:

  • Street Fighter by NetEnt
  • Mega Moolah by Microgaming
  • The Goonies by Blueprint Gaming
  • Phoenix Fire Power Reels by Red Tige Gaming
  • Forbidden Kingdom: Fire and Ice by Playtech